"Trashed" is my senior film and I will be updating this page as I make my way through production.

"Trashed" is about the struggle between man and beast. Guy, a 30 year old man in rural Washington state, has a pest problem. A crafty raccoon named Rocko steals from Guy's trash cans every night. Guy tries to set traps on his property to rid himself of his annoying forest friend. Rocko is far more cunning than Guy and easily turns the trap on him. This sparks an eternal rivalry between man and beast. Follow me as I update you on the process of this comedic war between Guy and Rocko. 

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Character Concept Art

Concept by: Andres Arteaga

Contact them: http://lemurly.com/projects


Layout Concept

Concept by: Jiazhen Shu

Contact them: http://www.jiazshu.com/

Production Paintings

Concept by: Caitlin Schrader

Contact them: http://www.caitanimates.com/